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Popular Korean Phrases

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Children aren’t expected to be able to master the grammar rules, memorize different terms, and master the language promptly when they are beginning to speak. Alternatively, kids begin getting to know commonly used terms like “mommy” and “daddy simply because these are frequently noticed. Getting to know practical and common phrases makes learning much more workable and easier. Exactly the same technique can also be employed by adults who are studying foreign spoken languages.

If you need to learn Korean, you can actually begin by learning the everyday expressions which are used in almost daily operation. There are normally utilized words such as those used when greeting another people. You can start by uttering “Joh-eun ahchim-ipnida” that means “Good morning” in Korea. Or maybe you may greet someone by saying “annyeonghaseyo” meaning hello. Then you may start to say “How do you do?” in Korean that is “Cha-eum bepgetseupnida?” as well as “How are your doing?” that stands for “Jal jinet-uhyo?”

To learn to say goodbye is as significant as learning to greet people. It is good to say goodbye either by saying, “Annyeonghee gaseyo,” or Annyeonghee gyeseyo.” To tell that you would like the other person to take care, simply say “Jal jineseyo.” When leaving behind someone can say “See you later” and the best way to say this is “Najoong-eh bwayo.” An individual wanting to be in touch could say “Call me later, please” and this is interpreted as “Juhnhwa juseyo.”

There are some common expressions that you need to bear in mind when doing some shopping. Asking the salesgirl how much a certain item costs is “Iguht-eun uhlmaipnika?” One might ask, “Ghak-ah jushiget-uhyo?” whenever you want to ask for a much lower price. In case you would like ask the over all price of the items, you must say “Chong uhlmaipnika?” When inquiring if payment is accepted through credit card, a way to ask this question is “Shinyong card-eul batnayo?” In case you feel like you wish the cashier to keep the change after paying the total purchases, you may say “Guhsureundon-eun gajiseyo.” which means “Keep the change.” Moreover, say “Yhungsujeeung-eul juseyo” if you want to take your receipt.

When you are journeying around Korea, there are some Korean phrases that will truly be helpful. You may ask your friend, “Yuhgiga uhdi-ipnika?” if you wished to know where you are. When you wish to ask where the subway station is, ask “Jihachul yuhk-eun uhdi-ipnika?” If asking about where the bus stop is, say “Bus jungrujang-i uhdi-ipnika?” Just before getting on the taxi or bus you must find out the price for the ride so you may ask how much the fare of the bus is, by saying “Bus jihachul yogeum-eun uhlma-ipnika?” or maybe “Taxi jihachul yogeum-eun uhlma-ipnika?”

You will find out much more Korean terms in case you continue to study and learn the Korean language. Learning will be quite challenging in the beginning however the process will be fun as you have to apply the Korean terms that you learn in daily situations. There are countless resources available to improve your Korean language writing and speaking capabilities. Always be open to the learning opportunities that will come your way.

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